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Manage users


You need to run these commands with the appropriate environment loaded, so probably prefix with MIX_ENV=prod.

List all available commands

mix mobilizon.users

Create a new user

mix <email> [<options>]


  • --password <password>/ -p <password> - the user's password. If this option is missing, a password will be generated randomly.
  • --moderator - make the user a moderator
  • --admin - make the user an admin

Show an user's details

Displays if the user has confirmed their email, if they're a moderator or an admin and their profiles.

mix <email>

Modify an user

mix mobilizon.users.modify <email>


  • --email <email> - the user's new email
  • --password <password> - the user's new password.
  • --user - make the user a regular user
  • --moderator - make the user a moderator
  • --admin - make the user an admin
  • --enable - enable the user
  • --disable - disable the user

Delete an user

mix mobilizon.users.delete <email>


  • --assume_yes/-y Don't ask for confirmation
  • --keep_email/-k Keep user entry with just email information (to prevent future registrations with same email)

Clean unconfirmed users

Introduced in Mobilizon 1.0.3

Manually run the cleaning of unconfirmed users (and their profiles).

mix mobilizon.users.clean [<options>]


  • -v, --verbose List the users that were deleted. Implied when using --dry-run.
  • -d, --days The number of days after which an unconfirmed user is selected to be deleted
  • --dry-run Run the task, but don't delete users, just list them. Implies --verbose.

Last update: November 27, 2020