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The following is a cheat sheet for the Mobilizon configuration files.



  • :name The fallback instance name if not configured into the admin UI
  • :description The fallback instance description if not configured into the admin UI
  • :hostname Your instance's hostname
  • :registrations_open The fallback instance setting to open registrations if not configured into the admin UI
  • :registration_email_allowlist A list of emails or emails domains for which the registration is allowed even if registration is closed
  • :registration_email_denylist A list of emails or emails domains for which the registration is always denied
  • :languages The fallback instance languages if not configured into the admin UI
  • :default_language The instance's default language if user's language can't be found
  • :demo Whether the instance is in demo mode
  • :extra_categories A list of %{id: :category_slug, label: "Category label"}, for instance %{id: :protest, label: "Protest"}.
  • :allow_relay Whether the instance can be subscribed to and can relay activites
  • :federating Completely stop federating with the exterior
  • :upload_limit The default maximum size for an upload
  • :avatar_upload_limit The maximum size for an avatar upload size
  • :banner_upload_limit The maximum size for a banner upload size
  • :remove_orphan_uploads Whether to clean orphan uploads (unattached to entities like events or posts)
  • :orphan_upload_grace_period_hours How long before an orphan upload can be removed
  • remove_unconfirmed_users Whether to remove unconfirmed users (unrelated to event participation)
  • unconfirmed_user_grace_period_hours How long before an unconfirmed user account can be removed (unrelated to event participation)
  • activity_expire_days How long before removing group activities
  • activity_keep_number How many activities to always keep
  • duration_of_long_event Duration, in days, to separate short events and long events (the activities). If zero, no separation and all events are showed in same type.
  • enable_instance_feeds Activate the instance-wide feeds, which provide all of the instance public events and posts
  • email_from The email for the From: header in emails
  • email_reply_to The email for the Reply-To: header in emails


  • :enabled Whether groups are enabled


  • :enabled Whether events are enabled


  • enabled enable the media proxy
  • proxy_opts options for the media proxy
    • redirect_on_failure whether to redirect to the original media if proxifying fails
    • max_body_length how big the media can be
    • max_read_duration how long we can wait for the remote media
    • http
      • follow_redirect whether we follow redirects


  • :only_admin_can_create_groups restrict the group creation possibility only to administrators
  • :only_groups_can_create_events restrict the event creation possibility only through groups

HTTP Server


See also the configuration reference for Phoenix.Endpoint.

  • :url configuration for generating URLs throughout the app
    • :host Your instance's hostname
    • :scheme http or https
  • :secret_key_base A secret key used as a base to generate secrets for encrypting and signing data
  • :render_errors defines the view that will be used to render errors
  • :pubsub_server the name of the pubsub server to use in channels
  • :cache_static_manifest a path to a json manifest file that contains static files and their digested version
  • :has_reverse_proxy whether you use a reverse proxy (useful to get the user's real IP)


  • :enabled Whether to add security-related HTTP headers
  • :sts Whether to add an HSTS header
  • :sts_max_age the max-age for the HSTS header
  • :csp_policy a keyword-list of CSP components, made from domain lists
  • :referrer_policy a value for the Referrer-Policy header



  • :uploader The module that handles the upload. See uploaders
  • :filters A list of modules performing various tasks on uploads. See filters
  • :allow_list_mime_types a list of allowed MIME types
  • :link_name Whether to add the original file name at the end of the URL


  • Mobilizon.Web.Upload.Uploader.Local Uploads to the server in the uploads folder


  • :uploads the folder where to put uploads in, relative to Mobilizon's working directory


  • Mobilizon.Web.Upload.Filter.Dedupe Depupes duplicate files by comparing their hash
  • Mobilizon.Web.Upload.Filter.Optimize Performs multiple optimization tools on medias (see ExOptimizer)



See each adapter's documentation for extra parameters.

Example for the SMTP adapter:

config :mobilizon, Mobilizon.Web.Email.Mailer,
  adapter: Bamboo.SMTPAdapter,
  server: "smtp.domain",
  username: ""
  password: "pa55word",
  port: 465,
  ssl: true,
  auth: :always

Example for the Sendgrid adapter:

config :mobilizon, Mobilizon.Web.Email.Mailer,
  adapter: Bamboo.SendGridAdapter,
  api_key: "YOUR_API_KEY"


See also the configuration reference for Logger.

  • :backends A list of logger backends. See logger backends.
  • :format Log format template
  • :metadata What to include in the log

Logger Backends

  • :console Sends the logs to stdout.
  • Sentry.LoggerBackend sends the logs to Sentry, which needs to be configured.



The module to perform the authentification, must be one of:

  • Mobilizon.Service.Auth.MobilizonAuthenticator Mobilizon's default database authenticator
  • Mobilizon.Service.Auth.LDAPAuthenticator LDAP authentication

Authenticators always fallback on MobilizonAuthenticator if user is not found.


See the LDAP configuration.


  • :oauth_consumer_strategies A list of auth methods to be displayed on the login page

See the OAuth configuration.


Configuration for Mobilizon's link formatter which parses mentions, hashtags, and URLs.

  • :class specify the class to be added to the generated link
  • :rel The rel attribute value
  • :new_window adds target="_blank" attribute
  • :truncate Set to a number to truncate URLs longer then the number. Truncated URLs will end in ...
  • :strip_prefix Strip the scheme prefix
  • :extra link URLs with rarely used schemes (magnet, ipfs, irc, etc.)
  • :validate_tld Set to false to disable TLD validation for URLs/emails. Can be set to :no_scheme to validate TLDs only for urls without a scheme (e.g will be validated, but http://example.loki won't)



Configuration for CLDR data, used to format & handle datetimes, numbers,… according to the user's locale

  • :locales A list of CLDR-locales



  • :actor_stale_period how long before an actor needs to be refreshed
  • :actor_key_rotation_delay how long before an actor can rotate their keys
  • :sign_object_fetches whether to sign object fetches



See Geocoders.


  • :tiles defines the tiles server endpoint
    • :endpoint The templated tile endpoint URL. If you change this from the default value (, you might consider editing the default CSP policy to allow your tiles to be displayed.
    • :attribution A string to give proper map credits attribution
  • :routing
    • :type one of :openstreetmap or google_maps

Anonymous options



  • :allowed if anonymous participation is allowed
  • :validation a map of validation methods. See validation methods.


  • :allowed if anonymous reporting is allowed

Validation methods

  • :email

    • :enabled if validation through email is enabled
    • :confirmation_required if email confirmation is required (clicking on a link in a sent email)
  • :captcha

    • :enabled if validation through captcha is enabled

Background jobs


See the configuration reference for Oban.


Mobilizon has the following queues: * search inserts the events into the search database * mailers sends the emails * background perform background tasks * default everything else

Periodic jobs

  • Mobilizon.Service.Workers.BuildSiteMap builds a sitemap.xml file
  • Mobilizon.Service.Workers.RefreshGroups refreshes remote groups to make sure we didn't miss any content
  • Mobilizon.Service.Workers.CleanOrphanMediaWorker clean orphan media
  • Mobilizon.Service.Workers.CleanUnconfirmedUsersWorker clean unconfirmed users



Metadata parsers

  • Mobilizon.Service.RichMedia.Parsers.OEmbed
  • Mobilizon.Service.RichMedia.Parsers.OGP
  • Mobilizon.Service.RichMedia.Parsers.TwitterCard
  • Mobilizon.Service.RichMedia.Parsers.Fallback (just <title> and <meta name="description">)


See Resource Providers.


See Resource Providers.


See Exports


See Analytics


See Pictures

See Global search

Last update: February 7, 2024