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Resource providers

When creating resources, users can chose from predefined resource providers (for instance collaborative text pads, video conferences rooms, etc). The admin can configure which resource providers (and which endpoints) are available for users.

Only the following resource providers softwares are supported for now:

If you want as an admin to add predefined resource providers for your users you can add the following to your configuration:

config :mobilizon, Mobilizon.Service.ResourceProviders,
  types: [pad: :etherpad, calc: :ethercalc, visio: :jitsi],
  providers: %{
    etherpad: "",
    ethercalc: "",
    jitsi: ""


Don't forget the final / at the end of the endpoint URL.

You can also map some URLs to special endpoints like this:

config :mobilizon, :external_resource_providers, %{
  "" => :google_drive,
  "" => :google_docs,
  "" => :google_presentation,
  "" => :google_spreadsheets

Last update: April 8, 2021