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The release page contains a changelog, and below it, upgrade instructions. Read and understand the release instructions.

Some tasks (like database migrations) can take a while, so we advise you to run commands inside a tmux or screen.


Always make sure your database, config file (by default at /etc/mobilizon/config.exs) and media uploads directory are properly backuped before performing upgrades.

Unless stated otherwise in the release notes, the following steps are enough to upgrade Mobilizon.


Fetch latest build


To get the latest package URL, you should go to our release page and copy the URL from the latest tar.gz package matching your distribution and architecture.

The URL redirects to the latest stable release package available for the latest stable version of Debian, but you shouldn't use it it you want to get a beta version or a different version.


The build behind targets architecture amd64. If you need arm or arm64, you'll find links to builds for these architectures on the release page.

  • Download the latest release build and extract it:
    curl -L '' -o /tmp/mobilizon.tar.gz
    tar xzf /tmp/mobilizon.tar.gz -C /tmp/

Perform the upgrade

  • Stop the running Mobilizon process

    sudo systemctl stop mobilizon

  • Move the release to the install folder, replacing the previous install:

    sudo rm -rf /opt/mobilizon
    sudo mv /tmp/mobilizon /opt/
    sudo rm /tmp/mobilizon.tar.gz

  • Set the proper owner to /opt/mobilizon

    sudo chown -R mobilizon:mobilizon /opt/mobilizon

Perform the eventual database migrations

You can run this command safely even if no migrations are needed.

cd /opt/mobilizon
sudo -u mobilizon ./bin/mobilizon_ctl migrate

Restart Mobilizon

Let's switch back one last time to your regular user.

sudo systemctl restart mobilizon

You can follow the Mobilizon logs to check that everything works properly.

sudo journalctl -u mobilizon -f

That’s all! You’re running the new version of Mobilizon now.

If you have issues after upgrading, try reviewing upgrade steps and release notes. Then feel free to contact us or file an issue on our Gitlab

Last update: December 5, 2023