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Structure of code


Mobilizon is an app that uses: * Elixir for backend, * VueJS for front-end * GraphQL as it's API layer

GraphQL is managed using: * Absinthe on the backend * VueApollo on the front-end.

UI is handled with Tailwind and Oruga.

Structure of sources

  • config backend compile-time and runtime configuration
  • docker šŸ³
  • js/src Front-end
  • lib/federation Handling all the federation stuff (sending and receving activities, converting activities, signatures, helpersā€¦)
  • lib/graphql/schema The schema declarations for the GraphQL API
  • lib/graphql/resolvers The logic behind the GraphQL API
  • lib/mix/tasks CLI
  • lib/mobilizon model structures, database queries
  • lib/service various services
  • lib/web controllers, middlewares, auth-related stuff
  • test tests

This document is a copy of the revision available on main repository. Please check the main repository to see the latest changes.

Last update: December 3, 2023