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The backend uses ExUnit.

To launch all the tests:

mix test


If you're using Docker, you can use make test

If you want test coverage:

mix coveralls.html

It will show the coverage and will output a cover/excoveralls.html file.

If you want to test a single file:

mix test test/mobilizon/actors/actors_test.exs

If you want to test a specific test, block or line:

mix test test/mobilizon/actors/actors_test.exs:85


Note: The coveralls.html also works the same


Unit tests

Not done yet.

End-to-end tests

We use Cypress for End-to-end testing.

You first need to run the webserver with the e2e environment: MIX_ENV=e2e mix phx.server. The same environment parameters as the dev environment must be provided. This allows to run database operations in the sandbox and not pollute your database.

Then, run MIX_ENV=e2e mix run priv/repo/e2e.seed.exs to have some initial data inside your instance for the tests.

When inside the js directory, you can do either

npx cypress run
to run the tests, or
npx cypress open
to open the interactive GUI.


Cypress provided a subscription to their recording dashboard since Mobilizon is an Open-Source project. Thanks!

Last update: October 22, 2020