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Create an event

Let's create a new event!

To do so, click the Create button on the top bar. Then, you need to fill in some information about your event to help gather people together!


At any time you can save a draft of your event by clicking the Save draft button on the fixed bottom bar. image: save panel

General information

image: create event empty

image: create event filled

In this section you can:

  • add a Headline picture to have a banner on your event page by clicking Click to upload and choosing a picture that suits you
  • add a Title (required)
  • add some tags (10 max) to easily distinguish your event from others that are similar (tags are added by pressing Enter key or by seperating them by commas)
  • set a start and end date to your event. You also can show/hide the time when the event begins/ends by clicking Date parameters
  • add an address: you can either enter the address or locate your address by clicking the icon. Once done, location will be displayed on an OpenStreetMap map.
  • add a description
  • add a Website or any URL


This section allows you to pick a profile or group as an organizer. If you choose a group, you can pick one or more contact(s) among the group.

Who can view this event and participate

image: create event who participe

image: create event who participe

This is where you can decide who can view and particpate in your event!

  • Visible everywhere on the web (public): anybody can see it by browsing your mobilizon instance
  • Only accessible through link (private): only people who have the link can see your event

Anonymous participation: if you want to allow people to participate without an account.


Anonymous participants will be asked to confirm their participation through e-mail.

Participation approval: if you want to approve every parcipation request (participation notifications can be set in your profile)

Number of places: if you want to limit this number

Public comment moderation

image: comment moderation

In this section you can set whether you allow comments or not.


image: status of your event

Here you can set if your event is tentative and will be confirmed later, will happen, or has been cancelled.

Last update: June 29, 2021