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Share, report, edit an Event

Every event has an Actions button. Options depend on your permissions.



This action is available for everyone

To share or add an event to your calendar, click the Actions button.

  • Share this event to share it on your social media network or email: share modal image
  • Add to my calendar lets you add the .ics file in to your calendar software (Thunderbird for example):

    share ics modal image



You must be connected to your mobilizon account to see this action

In addition to the actions listed above, you also can report an event by clicking the Report button.

image event report modal



You must have correct the permission to see these actions (admin/moderator)

To Edit, Duplicate or Delete your event, click the Actions button.

  • Edit: see Create an event
  • Duplicate will open a new event pre-filled with the settings from the current event
  • Delete will delete your event

Last update: June 29, 2021