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Manage event participations

List participations

As the event creator you can see who particpate to an event. To do so you have to click either:

  • link X persons going on your event page:

    number of participations - event view

  • or My events on top bar menu and Manage participations link:

    event actions image

event participations list

Reject a participation

gif reject participation actions

To reject participations you have to go to participations list and:

  1. check participations boxes you want to reject
  2. click Reject participant button

Once done, Rejected label will be displayed:

image rejected particpant


Participant will receive a notification of this rejection by email.

Approve participant

When I want to approve every participation request option is checked by event organiser, participants see a modal where they optionally can add a short text and have to click Confirm my participation button:

confirmation participation modal

Organiser can approve participation by going to participations list and:

  1. clicking checkbox(es) in front of participation(s)
  2. clicking Approve participant

image participation approval

Once done, Participant label will be displayed:

image label paricipant

Last update: November 2, 2020