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How to search with Mobilizon


Search match:

  • for events: with titles, tags and descriptions
  • for groups: only with names (for now)

A quick search is available in Search field, in top bar menu:

img top bar search

You can go directly to the advanced search by clicking on Explore in the top navigation bar of the site. Options are:

  • Key words: tags or words in title or/and description
  • Location: to filter events in a specific location
  • Radius: to widen the results of the place at a certain distance
  • Date: to filter events according to when they take place (not available for group search)

search explore page


For instance, if you want to find a collage event you will enter collage:

img collage search no filter

If you want to limit to London and surroundings:

img collage location filter

Or, to find a group, by clicking the Groups tab:

image group search

Last update: August 4, 2021